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An open mind is key
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Open your mind to Get Rid of your Violent Criminals
During the 20th century the scientific method proved itself as the way to progress - this means that opinions on whether something will or won't work actually have NO bearing on the result. But if you're willing to research the facts, you have a good chance of finding out what does work. And if you prefer a more modern approach, see www.prageru.com/videos/facts-dont-care-about-your-feelings Open Page in a new Tab.

Science is rational, so we applied its principles to reducing crime. Scientific principles say that if you're not getting the results you want, there must be something you're missing. When you're missing something, the knowledge you have must be incomplete. So look at things scientifically - with an open mind!

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, agrees saying you need to build up reasoning from the ground up, see The Ridiculous Way To Think Open Page in a new Tab. People's thinking, their motivation has a tremendous bearing on their actions, and actions have consequences. So the effort to understand and therefore influence the thinking behind their actions has very rewarding consequences.

Your high violent crime rate -
robbery is a serial offense Open Page in a new Tab - says a few violent criminals target your citizens but, just like regular people, they avoid being shot and injured. Self-preservation is one of the largest motivators. So use their fear of being injured to get them to stop attacking your innocent citizens. all Open Page in a new Tab

1. Does being Tougher on Criminals decrease violent crime?

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This image shows the results of encouraging your law-abiding citizens to be able to defend their families. Violent crime immediately plummeted by 74% Open Page in a new Tab (the short blue bars) in Kennesaw and decreased it long-term by 79% - much more than the decrease in the US National Average. Click here to enlarge it and read the explanation.
More guns decrease violent crime more
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If you believe that gun bans can be a good idea, then ask yourself: How does stopping law-abiding citizens from protecting their families decrease crime? Then write down your answer tracing, from start to finish, all the logical steps from the gun ban to the decrease in violent crime that you think it causes...

"How does becoming much Tougher on Criminals decrease violent crime?" "We have many guns here, anyone who wants to can concealed carry." "Why should we bother?" Excellent questions. It's actually highly effective, it slashed Kennesaw's violent crime rate in half compared to the decreasing US National Average!
Listen to the brief 2 minute response to the skeptical Police Chief's questions here Open Page in a new Tab.

Are there any other reasons why should we bother? Yes, MONEY - lots of it! You'll
improve your budget Open Page in a new Tab without raising taxes Open Page in a new Tab when your citizens can spend their money more productively - creating new wealth Open Page in a new Tab - instead of recovering from or preventing crime.
More guns decrease violent crime more
Violent crime in Kennesaw (the blue vertical bars) dropped by 74% (from 1981 to 1982) as soon as they encouraged their responsible citizens to be able to defend their families from violent criminals! The blue comparison line (right hand scale) shows their violent crime rate was 50% of the USA average (red bars) before the ordinance, and it's been down around 20-30% ever since.

With such low crime, the small numbers effect can make percentage changes look very large - a change from one to two is a 100% increase! Kennesaw had just 3 more violent crimes in 2014 than 2013, which looks like a big increase on the blue comparison line, but the short blue vertical bars tell the real story.

CAUTION. Although investors all assess your city's desirability,
the FBI strongly cautions against ranking cities by their relative crime rate Open Page in a new Tab. So we compare your crime to the rest of the USA so investors can see if your city is likely dangerous or safe. How much does your crime rate reassure investors?
You convict and incarcerate violent criminals temporarily but with more armed citizens, their fear of injury motivates them to leave town permanently. While it may be the Mayor and Council's decision rather than the police and suffers less from the not-invented-here syndrome, what else will lower your high violent crime by so much for so little?
If you're elected, how will a substantial decrease in crime affect your re-election? Your voters want to know their security is very important to you. How better than to encourage them all to defend their loved ones? Most whites have always known, now the majority of blacks also recognize that guns protect them from violent criminals.

"Our ordinance told our violent criminals that all our citizens are armed,
it persuaded them to live somewhere else, don't attack anyone here,
you'll get shot!"

– Mayor Mark Mathews, City of Kennesaw, Georgia

Unarmed Britain four times more violent crime than USA with lots of guns
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Open your mind and Do What Works
Our time and expertise are free, so why do we do this? Because without a gun, an elderly relative was helpless against younger violent criminals, all Open Page in a new Tab. Armed, you can defend yourself. The British violent crime rate is over four times LARGER than the USA now they've disarmed all their people!

My father was petrified of being attacked in his own home.
In gun-free Britain, robbers prefer occupied homes since it's easier to find the valuables by torturing, raping and even murdering the defenseless residents. You need to be able to protect yourself and your family - no matter how old you are. Of course, any money we make helping you helps us pay the bills.

the college professor who peer-reviewed More Guns, Less Crime, we know that many who oppose your right to defend yourself haven't investigated the evidence and just believe those who want to deceive them. But when people realize the truth, it changes their mind forever.

Our niche. You want your citizens to support you in preventing violent crime. Our special reports such as the Concealed Carry Study and The Right Response, How to Reduce Crime can be specially customized for your city and your voters. Educate them to see why and how encouraging your qualified citizens to defend themselves from violent criminals, rapists and terrorists makes ALL of them safer. Imagine your city and your life with lots less violent crime...

We've reserved one for you to evaluate at no charge, remember the 100% discount code "Mayor", and get your free copy using the discount code "Mayor"
here and here. Open Page in a new Tab

3. Cris Baker

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Lots of experience with undesirable consequences has given Cris much expertise in exploring what does actually work. Finding out what does work has mostly been by finding out what doesn't. He has enormous practical experience making him an expert in overcoming all sorts of failure, he's been screwing things up for years! :-) Don't be like him, part of British statesman and historian Winston Churchill's famous epigram:

"The only thing man learns from history is that
man does not learn from history!"

Reducing Self Sabotage and Stress makes Cris Baker smile
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Brief biography: Born in the UK at a very early age and based now in Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea, Cris Baker lived for many years in Canada. Never one just to accept someone's beliefs, his interests include economics, metaphysics, self-defense, effectiveness, keeping fit, spirituality, and finding out how the world actually works.

At a very early age he realized that growth can be seen as the purpose for life, personal growth has been his passion for years. Effectiveness has been a lifelong interest, his computer company specializing in improving performance was successful for years.

4. DiscourageCriminals.net

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Gibraltar where Universal Gun Ownership is based
The Rock of Gibraltar
The Rock of Gibraltar
Discourage Criminals and Universal Gun Ownership are based in Gibraltar, Europe at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea. We've carefully researched all the evidence and it comprehensively proves that the title of Dr. John Lott's study is correct: More Guns Less Crime all Open Page in a new Tab. The FBI crime numbers not only support this conclusion, their latest statistics show that even more guns give even less crime.

Chicago has a much higher crime rate than Houston. Yet they are similar in terms of socioeconomic factors such as population, density, and segregation. Chicago, like Houston, is a major center for illegal activities such as the drug trade and human trafficking. With the toughest gun laws in the nation, Chicago is living proof that the less law-abiding people with guns, the more crime.

Chicago politicians understand that low crime is very good for business, so they've been working hard to
reduce the number of crimes reported in their crime statistics. See Compstat: The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation.

Food for Thought

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The Crime Numbers Game by Professor Emeritus Eli Silverman

"[Low crime] figures serve a political end.
It brings in tourism; it's good for business."

– Professor Emeritus Eli Silverman, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City

Author of the seminal exposé on the CompStat program which downgrades reports of serious crimes to less serious offenses:
The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation (Advances in Police Theory and Practice)

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/12/nypd-compstat_n_3587637.html Open Page in a new Tab

www.amazon.com/The-Crime-Numbers-Game-Manipulation/dp/1439810311 Open Page in a new Tab

http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/05/crime-statistics-chicago Open Page in a new Tab

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas not only agreed with the judgment in McDonald v. Chicago (2010) that the right to keep and bear arms is applicable to state and local governments, he went even further in finding that an individual's right to bear arms is a fundamental privilege of American citizenship.

His finding in McDonald draws from a long and uninterrupted line of civil rights activists who preached the virtues of armed self-defense:

The great abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass, for instance, who famously urged President Abraham Lincoln to arm the liberated slaves against their former masters, was an outspoken champion of gun rights.

Founder of the pioneering Regional Council of Negro Leadership and a longtime ally of the NAACP, Mississippi doctor T.R.M. Howard saw no reason to separate the struggle for racial equality from the case for armed self-defense.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Thomas#Second_Amendment Open Page in a new Tab

Civil Rights and your Right to Armed Self-Defense, Justice Clarence Thomas's concurring opinion in McDonald v. Chicago. Open Page in a new Tab

Vernon Howard, American spiritual teacher, philosopher

"Just as surely as
distress must follow self-deceit,
healing must follow self-honesty"

– Vernon Howard, 1918-1992, American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher

http://www.quotationof.com/vernon-howard.html Open Page in a new Tab
http://www.vernonhoward.com Open Page in a new Tab

We encourage responsible law-abiding citizens, those who pass the background checks, to be able to defend themselves, their family and their property against violent criminals, rapists, and terrorists. So, despite much negativity and media misunderstanding, discouraging criminals is neither Mandatory Gun Ownership nor Compulsory Gun Ownership, it's simply your choice.

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