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Encouraging gun ownership has enormous benefits

- Violent criminals don't like being shot and injured

With more legal guns, there are fewer defenseless citizens

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US Homicide rate over past 100 years
US Homicide Rate 1885-2012 click to expand
With Less Guns, there are More Homicides
The numerous benefits for your city include both obvious and less obvious ones such as:
If you don't yet know that more guns give less crime, start with the trained researcher who "was not a gun owner, did not understand the appeal of firearms, and generally believed that gun control legislation was only common sense." See Gun Ownership 101 Open Page in a new Tab.

First let's cover your very important questions:
What's in it for you? and what's in it for us? see here Open Page in a new Tab.
There are lots more dollar savings here Open Page in a new Tab, here Open Page in a new Tab, and here Open Page in a new Tab. The crucial question is: How much does all your violent crime cost your city every month? Open Page in a new Tab

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Dollar savings in one city

Bundles of new $100 bills - $10,000 each
While encouraging your citizens to be able to defend their families will NOT enable you to let any police officers go, the lower crime rate will improve your economic growth. Despite the larger population, you won't need any more police officers since the lower crime rate will reduce the workload of your police officers, making it considerably less stressful. You'll deal with far fewer upset citizens and a far less violent population.

One city now has 49 police officers for their 20,000 population, each officer costing around $45,000 a year. How much can it grow when its lower crime rate lets it enjoy the same ratio of 1.9 officers per 1,000 citizens enjoyed by Kennesaw? It will enjoy economic growth to 25,800 (25.8 * 1.9 = 49) before it'll need to add more officers. Compared to the 63 it would need with its current crime rate, that's a saving of 14 officers.

Those 14 officers at $45,000 each would cost a total 630,000 dollars a year. That's a saving of over fifty thousand dollars a month! The economic growth will also generate substantially more tax revenues...

The crucial question:
How much does all your violent crime cost your city every month? Open Page in a new Tab Do you want to save money? Then estimate how much money your violent crime is costing you...
  • Discouraging your criminals helps fulfill the police mission: to reduce the levels of crime, fear, and disorder
  • Totally under police control. Encouraging your qualified, law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves and their family is also up to the police and the local council
  • Complements everything your police are already doing to fight crime. Although discouraging criminals has several actionable steps, there are no change to your current police strategies

  • Less stress. Fewer violent crimes for your police to solve gives your officers less stress with more time to investigate and prosecute each case
  • Lower policing costs. Although the increase in population usually means more police officers, with less violent crime you need fewer officers per 1,000 citizens than industry standard. With current officer costs, the dollar savings can be very substantial...
  • Improves success for all your policing efforts. Lower crime rates give another compelling demonstration that More Guns result in Less Crime
One of the biggest benefits? Decreasing violent crime and a lower workload puts less stress on police officers. Your citizens become less confrontative and a lot happier with the performance of your police. See the improved cooperation between police and citizens enjoyed by Nelson Police Chief Jim Koury in Improved Racial Harmony (below).

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3. Overwhelming proof that More Guns cause Less Crime

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More Guns Less Crime book cover
See the review of Dr. John Lott's comprehensive study - More Guns, Less Crime Open Page in a new Tab or Window posted at Amazon. The reviewer, a tenured professor and trained researcher, says:

"The likely presence of a defensive firearm has a statistically significant deterrence effect on criminal behavior."

which means the evidence proves that the more guns there are in your community, the more they deter criminal behavior. Encouraging gun ownership gives your responsible citizens more guns, which directly causes less crime. He concludes:

"If you're anti-gun and Lott's book does not ... force you to
reconsider the ... benefits of an armed society,
you either did not read the book with an open mind,
or you do not know how to distinguish
a precisely-reasoned argument from a merely political one."

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4. Reduce Racial Tensions - Improve Racial Harmony

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Responsible black citizens suffer disproportionately from crime compared to whites. Yet minorities often don't see that their local politicians - or the police - are concerned about their safety. Reassuring all your voters that their security is very important is crucial in today's more restless world of confrontation. Be pre-emptive, rather than just react to situations like Ferguson, North Charleston, and Sanford Open Page in a new Tab

Media reports are not very complimentary to local politicians nor the police nor local administrators. Even the British Economist, the well-respected international weekly, says: "The Ferguson mayor, who is white, has appeared clueless" - and provides ample proof! See
here, here, here, and here Open Page in a new Tab. Would your city like to reduce any simmering tensions? How?

"People normally don't want to get involved in suspicious activity or
crimes because they're scared of becoming a victim themselves.

"But [once you're armed and able to protect yourself], you're much more likely to be open and sincere with police officers because you have a means to defend yourself and your family if the bad guys come looking for you."

But what if, despite the 2nd Amendment, someone disagrees with respectable citizens being armed and able to defend their families from violent criminals? No matter the citizen's race or color, being armed should not be a problem provided they are honest and law-abiding. The police use guns to defend themselves against criminals, why shouldn't honest citizens do exactly the same...
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Word Sheriff on Sheriff
  • policing and crime prevention become easier
  • You're the person elected to prevent crime in your county, and Discouraging Criminals is one of the most effective crime-prevention measure around
  • proves to your voters that you're doing everything you can to reduce crime for your whole community
  • shows President Obama and Democrats that you take your oath to support and defend your community, as well as the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, very seriously
  • You satisfy your inner longing to make a real difference by taking the heat to do what's right. You become a hero to your community
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  • economic development improves, business thrives, people become more prosperous
  • property values increase as your population grows
  • citizens enjoy savings from less crime as well as lower policing costs
  • unemployment decreases, business startups and job openings increase
  • your city becomes an even more attractive place to live
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How Gun Control Works image
  • you provide yet more indisputable proof that guns in responsible hands save lives
  • your results encourage other sheriffs in the USA to follow your lead and better protect their communities
  • yet more proof of the Founding Fathers' wisdom in passing the Second Amendment
  • another demonstration that the Democrats insistence on gun control is, er, misguided.
As this insightful image says:

"Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving
by making it tougher for sober people to own cars."

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If you have any reservations about encouraging all your citizens to protect themselves, check out the objections page where they're all answered Open Page in a new Tab...

Encouraging gun ownership is a proven crime-reducing strategy which benefits not only you, your police and your citizens. It deters nearby criminals in your state. It reduces the costs of fighting crime and saves substantial amounts of money. Your voters both want and like the results. What's not to like? ...

Owning a gun remains entirely optional. No one is forced to have a firearm, yet responsible law-abiding citizens get one and learn how to use it. The increase in responsible gun ownership means criminals know their potential victims are all likely to be armed.

Discouraging Criminals deters criminals and rapists from even thinking about committing a crime - and that's its enormous value. It convinces hardened violent criminals to stop or leave town and prey on unarmed victims somewhere else! Security and safety encourage development:
Kennesaw has seen much more growth than Morton Grove Open Page in a new Tab or Window.

Food for Thought

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170 million new guns, 51% decrease in violent crime since 1991
The Crime Numbers Game by Professor Emeritus Eli Silverman

"[Low crime] figures serve a political end.
It brings in tourism; it's good for business."

– Professor Emeritus Eli Silverman, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City

Author of the seminal exposé on the CompStat program which downgrades reports of serious crimes to less serious offenses:
The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation (Advances in Police Theory and Practice)

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/12/nypd-compstat_n_3587637.html Open Page in a new Tab

www.amazon.com/The-Crime-Numbers-Game-Manipulation/dp/1439810311 Open Page in a new Tab

http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/05/crime-statistics-chicago Open Page in a new Tab

Nelson Police Chief Jim Koury, courtesy nelsongeorgia.com

"People normally don't want to get involved in suspicious activity or crimes because they're scared of becoming a victim themselves.

"But [with Discouraging Criminals], you're much more likely to be open and sincere with police officers because you have a means to defend yourself and your family if the bad guys come looking for you."

– Police Chief Jim Koury, City of Nelson, Georgia

Stopped by police 14.3 deaths, stopped by civilians 2.3 die
Average deaths in a shooting rampage when stopped by police: 14.3. But average deaths when stopped by civilians: far less - just 2.3.

So discourage violent criminals and terrorists from attacking your people. Encourage your qualified, law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves, their family and their property. Both concealed carry as well as the discretionary ordinance are entirely optional - there's no penalty and they're exempt from complying if they object for any reason at all!

Despite media misunderstanding and much misrepresentation, Universal Gun Ownership is not coercive, it's neither Mandatory Gun Ownership nor Compulsory Gun Ownership. It's simply a choice to be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones from a violent criminal in advance...

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