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Discouraging Criminals 101

- Get up to speed on why encouraging gun ownership works so well

1. Introduction to Gun Ownership 101

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More Guns Less Crime book cover
For those who don't already know that more guns give less crime, a good place to start is with the trained researcher who “was not a gun owner, did not understand the appeal of firearms, and generally believed that gun control legislation was only common sense."

This tenured University Professor's strongly positive finding is "devastating to gun control advocates." His research found that more guns do indeed reduce crime and the widespread negativity is simply "disingenuous" (untruthful) reporting Open Page in a new Tab.

"If you're anti-gun and Lott's book does not ... force you to reconsider the ... benefits of an armed society, you either did not read the book with an open mind, or you do not know how to distinguish a precisely-reasoned argument from a merely political one."

Naturally, firearms remain optional even when discouraging criminals by arming responsible citizens is encouraged. Nothing overrides local requirements for acquiring a license and receiving gun safety training, whatever your community requires for its citizens to have a firearm is still required.

2. The Police know How to Reduce Fatalities

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Would as many as NINE people have died in the historic AME Church tragedy in Charleston if a law-abiding responsible citizen had been armed?

The vast majority of police do NOT think so. In the PoliceOne survey of over 15,000 law enforcement professionals: Open Page in a new Tab

'A full 86 percent feel that casualties would have been reduced ... in recent tragedies like Newtown and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen was present.'

Their evidence flatly contradicts the fatuous uttering of previous US President Democrat Bill Clinton (who's protected by guards with guns), speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative America Conference on June 14, 2016:

"MORE people would have been killed if someone [at the Orlando Nightclub where 49 were massacred] had a permitted concealed handgun."

Yet some cities as well as some police chiefs distrust even their law-abiding citizens to be armed - and still don't realize why so many of their citizens distrust the police in return...

3. The AME church was a gun free zone

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Murdered Senator Pinckney voted to ensure his AME church was a gun-free zone and tragically suffered the consequences - along with eight fellow parishioners. If the slain Democratic Senator had survived, would the attack have changed his mind like Ohio Democrat Representative Michael Debose? Open Page in a new Tab

Gun-control groups and demagogues are busy exploiting this tragedy, while many see their rhetoric as the cause of so many deaths at the church. They pretend not to realize that gun control laws simply ensure law-abiding citizens are defenseless against a racist murderer.

Martin Luther King applied for a concealed-carry permit in 1956 and his home was always guarded by armed men. Open Page in a new Tab Daisy Bates carried a .32-caliber handgun in her purse. "Time and again, guns have proven pivotal to the African American quest for freedom." Gun rights protected many blacks during the civil rights movement - and if they had not been illegal in Senator Pinckney's church would have protected innocent black Americans today...

4. With more guns, there are fewer defenseless citizens

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Back in the Wild West Open Page in a new Tab the murder rate was around four times lower than today. Once gun control laws became more common, the murder rate climbed steeply, exacerbated by alcohol prohibition. When the turf wars between criminal gangs benefitting from illegal alcohol stopped, the murder rate dropped.

Some high profile assassinations then initiated further gun control laws and the murder rate again climbed steeply. The war on drugs, just like alcohol prohibition, has created both turf wars and gang murders.
Once the states started moving to "shall issue" gun permits (if you qualify, you get a permit) as opposed to "may issue" permits (where a permit can be denied even if you qualify) the murder rate dropped again. The FBI crime totals show the murder rate continues to fall as guns proliferate. Open Page in a new Tab

If something happens, such as civil riots or responsible citizens turn to revolution again because politicians have passed laws which directly contradict the Constitution, you and your citizens will need to decide whether to obey their ever-changing laws or be ready and able to obey the Constitution and protect your family.

5. So Politicians are busy Rescinding Gun Control Laws?

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Politicians all realize that to decrease violent crime and murder, they have to do what works! So they're all busy rescinding all the gun control laws, right?

Hardly! Many Republicans do support your constitutional right to defend yourself. But Republican President Bush signed Democrat Joe Biden's Gun Free School Zone Act in 1990 although there had been no - ZERO - school massacres before it was passed.
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Democratically-controlled Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the union, and one of the highest crime and murder rates. So its people are fleeing in large numbers - Chicago has lost nearly a million citizens in the last fifty years Open Page in a new Tab. Meanwhile, Houston with very lax gun laws has gained over a million.

CityRating use FBI data supplied by Chicago police to compare crime across America. In 2012 Chicago's violent crime rate was 250.5% of the National Average Open Page in a new Tab. Property crime was almost fifty percent higher. Simply put, as a means of controlling crime and protecting responsible citizens, gun control is a dismal failure. 

In Detroit, which also has high crime, abiding citizens have also had enough. In a survey commissioned by Detroit News, 40% of respondents replied they were planning to leave within the next five years Open Page in a new Tab or Window. Crime, rather than unemployment or education, was the major reason. More than half of Detroit's residents said they'd leave today if they could.

6. Guns in Law-Abiding Hands Discourage Criminals

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7. The Benefits for Your City and Your Citizens

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The benefits for your city and your citizens - apart from saving money Open Page in a new Tab from much lower violent crime as well as rape - include less obvious ones such as: •

Food for Thought

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170 million new guns, 51% decrease in violent crime since 1991
Image of Tomas Sowell from www.tsowell.com

“The gun control crusade today is like the Prohibition crusade 100 years ago.

"It is a shared zealotry that binds the self-righteous know-it-alls in a warm fellowship... fighting on the side of the angels against the forces of evil.

"It is a lofty role that they are not about to give up for anything so mundane as facts
- or even the lives of other people

Dr. Thomas Sowell, African-American economist, esteemed University Professor,
syndicated columnist, prolific academic author Open Page in a new Tab or Window

https://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/tom-sowell-wisdom-on-firearms-and-the-constitution Open Page in a new Tab

Spantanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright

“When we start taking guns away from our citizens, we're arming the bad guys. Gun control is not the answer. Carry a concealed weapon.”

– Sheriff Chuck Wright, Spartanburg County, South Carolina http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/sheriff-tells-citizens-to-buy-guns.html Open Page in a new Tab or Window</p>

Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one Jesus (Luke 22 36)
Stopped by police 14.3 deaths, stopped by civilians 2.3 die
Average deaths in a shooting rampage when stopped by police: 14.3. But average deaths when stopped by civilians: far less - just 2.3.

So discourage violent criminals and terrorists from attacking your people. Encourage your qualified, law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves, their family and their property. Both concealed carry as well as the discretionary ordinance are entirely optional - there's no penalty and they're exempt from complying if they object for any reason at all!

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