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Would you rather be unarmed, or unharmed?

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Armed senior citizens can protect themselves
STOP PRESS. An 80-year-old man was at home early Tuesday morning, April 20, when a woman knocked and asked to use his phone. When he opened the door, two men entered with her and tried to rob him. Police say they pointed a realistic-looking BB gun, and the elderly senior then shot both males Open Page in a new Tab killing one and injuring another.

Fairmont Police Chief Steve Shine regrets the man had to defend himself, yet is happy he was able to save his own life. “I think it's great," the Chief said, "I plan on buying him a box of bullets whenever this all gets cleared up." Open Page in a new Tab Does anyone condemn this senior citizen's armed self-defense as reprehensible "gun violence?"

Half an hour earlier, the two had robbed an unarmed 31-year-old man who was walking home, hitting him in the face with their weapon. Chief Shine reports they stole his iPhone and kicked him in the head. The victim was treated for severe swelling to his head and a laceration requiring stitches.

When he was attacked by armed thugs, anti-gun African-American Democratic State Representative Michael DeBose immediately changed his mind Open Page in a new Tab and got gun licenses for both himself and his wife. The question you need to answer is: Would you rather be like the thirty-one-year-old, or Reverend DeBose, or the eighty-year-old? Would you rather be unarmed - or unharmed?
Senior Citizen casts vote in election
Why do Edgewater in Florida, Kennesaw in Georgia, and Belton in Texas all enjoy such low violent crime? No violent career criminals to prey on their citizens! Is your city Tough on Criminals or just Tough on Crime? Your crime numbers reveal the honest truth, all Open Page in a new Tab

Being Tougher on Criminals as well as Tough on Crime DISCOURAGES criminals from violent crime. But Tough on Gun laws ENCOURAGE criminals by making it difficult to defend yourself. Yet some hypocritical politicians use armed guards while trying to stop you being armed. Others are honest and, once they've been attacked, they change their mind...

Martin Luther King well understood America's first gun control laws - they were designed to prevent black people from owning guns. African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas fully agrees. Senator Pinckney's vote for gun control had fatal consequences for eight parishioners - as well as himself!
  • Indirectly discourage your violent criminals. It's both simple and easy to encourage your qualified people to defend themselves. Educate them about the big reductions in injury as well as violent crime. Reduce the cost of a gun license. Ensure poor finances don't hinder your responsible citizens by minimizing or sponsoring the cost of gun safety training...
  • Directly discourage your violent criminals. Or you can directly encourage your qualified citizens to be armed, as with Kennesaw's ordinance, yet exempt all and every objector.
Because all violent criminals fear being injured when their prey can defend themselves, both options reduce the number of violent attacks. Of course, criminals and those who profit from violent crime will make all sorts of objections, but you need to do what's right to reduce your violent crime...

Discourage your criminals without spending lots more money or raising taxes. Discourage the behavior you wish to discourage! See the immediate crime reductions from indirectly discouraging violent criminals, and the long-term crime reductions here. If reducing violent crime by encouraging people to be able to defend themselves is new to you, see Gun Ownership 101.

2. Tough on Crime or also much Tougher on Criminals?

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What does your violent crime rate tell you? Are you just Tough on Crime or does it say you're also much Tougher on Criminals? Police Chiefs who are Tough on Crime are proud of their high clearance rates while those who don't waste energy being Tough on Guns are more able to focus on discouraging criminals in the first place. Is it enough to have few crimes left unsolved - or even better to have fewer crimes committed?
Despite much higher crime rates than the rest of the country, one police chief complacently insisted he's committed to reducing crime while bragging "our clearance rates have exceeded the national average in every major crime category since 2009." But he's missing the point and misleading his Mayor. As Police Chief Jim Koury in the City of Nelson explains:

"If no one ever calls 911 that means we're doing our job. That should be the true measure, not how MANY people we arrest for doing stuff, but how FEW people we arrest because there's no one to arrest because criminals are not doing anything."

3. When citizens can defend their loved ones

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Guns slash Kennesaw
What happens when responsible citizens are encouraged to be able to defend their family and their property, as recommended by African-American Sheriff David Clarke? Kennesaw's violent crime rate immediately plummeted by 74%, and moved from half to around a quarter the National Average (wavy blue line, right axis).

With lax Texas gun laws, Houston's economy booms while strong gun control Chicago declines with a far higher crime rate. Once Washington DC rescinded their severe gun control law, murder dropped back to its original low level.

Is crime high or low in cities which are Tough on Guns? Chicago has been declining for years with Tough on Gun laws as close to a complete gun ban as they can get. These results show that gun control laws are Tough on Guns but certainly NOT Tough on Criminals.

Laws which increase violent crime are actually Soft on Crime. When your violent crime rate is higher than the National Average, your criminals are encouraged by your laws which are tougher on guns than on them. If you think being Tough on Guns is being Tough on Criminals despite the evidence - your higher crime rate - your citizens suffer along with your reelection chances...

4. Discourage criminals - announce you're armed...

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Gun-free Sign invites robbers
Becoming Tougher on Criminals without spending more money or raising taxes may upset those who don't realize that gun-free zones are massacre zones, despite all the evidence from schools, cinemas, army bases, Orlando, Morton Grove, the AME church etc., etc.

Those who don't understand the enormous benefits of encouraging responsible citizens to be able to protect themselves, their family, and their property enjoyed by all police officers may resist you encouraging armed self-defense. But the decrease in violent crime will soon change their mind. Start by providing them with all the evidence to the contrary - our niche Open Page in a new Tab.

Right now, both your and your citizens are paying the enormous costs of violent crime. Open Page in a new Tab Why allow anyone to stop you all enjoying the immense benefits of becoming Tougher on Criminals when it neither increases spending nor raises taxes?
The valuable publicity tells your violent criminals - who are unscrupulous but not idiots - to stop attacking your people. What attracts both people and businesses is very low crime because when you're Tough on Criminals all your people can defend their families. Empowering responsible citizens gives major dollar savings and makes your city even more attractive.

But what about the incessant anti-gun propaganda? Do they tell blatant lies about guns and gun control? Yes, see here, here, here, here, here, and here. In fact, "Gun control advocates lie all the time," reports Gun Control Lies. all Open Page in a new Tab

5. Will it save us any money?

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Substantial dollar savings by reducing crime
Yes! Discouraging Criminals from attacking your citizens will save your city lots of money! There are also enormous dollar savings for your citizens and their families.

The FBI UCR Reports with the National Crime Survey data show that each violent crime costs the unfortunate victim many thousands of dollars. Victim costs range from a minimum of $15,000 up to $60,000 for a rape victim who also suffers physical injury.

With less violent crime, you spend less to find, arrest, successfully prosecute, convict, and imprison criminals (each inmate costs around $36,286 per year Open Page in a new Tab.) Your citizens waste less money recovering from injury and repairing property damage. Big benefits to your bottom-line without raising taxes - for example:
There are many ways of calculating your income and dollar benefits by Discouraging your Criminals. The question is: How much has your violent crime cost your city so far this year?

6. Hire more police officers - or discourage violent criminals?

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Woman practicing self-defense at gun range
Which decreases violent crime more? Hiring more police officers, or becoming much Tougher on Criminals by discouraging criminals, rapists, and terrorists Open Page in a new Tab from even thinking about attacking your responsible, law-abiding citizens?

The Concealed Carry study Open Page in a new Tab found rape decreased by 75% and violent crime dropped by 48%. Kennesaw directly encouraged their citizens to be able to defend their families Open Page in a new Tab which immediately caused their violent crime to plummet by 74%.
  • Hire more police officers. One city has around 50 police officers costing $60,000 a year each. If they hire five more officers, that's a 10% increase costing $300,000 more annually.
  • Either indirectly or directly discourage their violent criminals. Whether this city indirectly discourages their violent criminals or directly encourages their qualified citizens to be armed, violent criminals fear being injured when their prey can shoot back.
What are the costs? If becoming much Tougher on Criminals encourages a thousand more citizens to get a gun - the publicity rather than the actual number does the trick - it'll cost $50,000 (1,000 at $50 each). Their citizens need educating about the enormous benefits of being armed and able to defend themselves, their families, and their property enjoyed by all police officers - our niche. A total one-off investment of say $100,000 - less than half the cost of five extra police officers, and much less than the two million dollars their high violent crime is losing them each year.

Which decreases violent crime more? Locking up a violent criminal stops him temporarily while he studies with imprisoned experts and so is less likely to be caught next crime when he comes out. But publicly warning all your violent criminals that they're very likely to be shot and injured attacking your citizens stops them permanently. The results speak for themselves...

Choose both - not one or the other! Five more officers cost $300,000 a year while a thousand more armed citizens cost $100,000 just once. So do both right now - hire three officers and also become Tougher on Criminals. You can hire the other two next year, if you still need them...

Discouraging criminals gave Colorado State an immediate drop of 48% - and of 75% in rape, Kennesaw experienced an immediate decrease of 74% in violent crime! What will similar reductions do for your city? And your reputation? How will less violent crime affect your city, your citizens and your voters?

7. Do our police approve?

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Gun Control Survey courtesy of www.PoliceOne.com #618655
Yes, the police approve - overwhelmingly! PoliceOne.com surveyed over 15,000 law enforcers in America Open Page in a new Tab to find where police stand on gun control. Over 91 percent support concealed carry by civilians who've not been convicted of a felony nor deemed psychologically/medically incapable.

The survey asked: "How important do you think legally-armed citizens are to reducing crime rates overall?" Three quarters answered armed citizens are important/very important in reducing crime, with more than half seeing legally-armed responsible citizens as VERY important.

The vast majority - 86 percent - feel that casualties would have been reduced in tragedies such as Newtown and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen had been present on the scene.

"Clearly a majority of our gun carrying, member officers feel that armed citizens are an asset in reducing violent crime and NOT a liability.
"Fear of the unknown or known gun carrier... has an immediate effect on reducing violent criminal activity."

Some cities as well as some police chiefs distrust even their law-abiding citizens to be armed - and yet wonder why so many of their citizens distrust the police in return...

Perhaps they don't know that "Concealed handgun permit holders are extremely law-abiding." In Florida and Texas, permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at one-sixth of the rate at which police officers are convicted.

8. Partisan Political ideology

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The main-stream media is against armed self-defense. Many of those in favor of gun control seem to subscribe to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's dictum: "The end justifies the means." He's specifically referring to the big lie: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." The MSM article against national concealed carry reciprocity is a great example.
So ignore partisan political ideology and encourage your citizens to defend their family until the police get there! Just as more armed police patrols discourage crime, more armed citizens discourage violent criminals. Convince a criminal he'll likely be shot by his prey - and he won't attack. Open Page in a new Tab

Yet anti-gun activists conspire and plot to disarm responsible citizens like the armed civilian who stopped the burglar raining blows on a seriously injured police officer Open Page in a new Tab while rushing to vilify the officers who defended themselves from a cop-ramming carjacker when he pulled out a gun. Open Page in a new Tab

Police officers stress less when violent crime decreases, they have more time to deal with citizens' other concerns. Police performance and morale improve Open Page in a new Tab making the job more enjoyable, while keeping and recruiting officers becomes easier as your city becomes a more desirable place to live.

9. How will being Tougher on Criminals help me be re-elected?

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The immense and immediate decrease in violent crime by becoming Tougher on Criminals without increasing taxes gives you a Unique Selling Point. Voters appreciate the enormous benefits of much lower crime without spending more money nor raising their taxes, while politicians who fail to deliver on their promises to reduce high violent crime can lose re-election...

Its less obvious benefits also have enormous appeal for your voters:
Is your crime rate higher than National Average? Open Page in a new Tab The free publicity from becoming Tougher on Criminals will help you stand out from your competition all trying to appeal to your voters. Discouraging violent criminals not only makes your city more attractive, voters LOVE less crime...

10. Will negative publicity help or hinder our city?

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How does media negativity about becoming Tougher on Criminals without spending more money affect a company when relocating? You want enormous publicity - it's beneficial! For anyone with an open mind, armed citizens are a big positive since the FBI report that more guns result in less crime Open Page in a new Tab.
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But do businesses and people really like armed civilians? Compare Chicago with a complete gun ban to Houston with very lax gun laws. Chicago's population declines with high crime caused by gun control while Houston grows with lots of guns keeping its citizens safe.

Morton Grove Open Page in a new Tab passed their total gun ban to enormous media approval although its crime rate increased and its population decreased. In response, Kennesaw encouraged their citizens to protect their families from violent criminals with a firearm and received enormous amounts of negative publicity.

What did the strident publicity do to Kennesaw's economic growth? Open Page in a new Tab It slashed their violent crime by 74% the following year and long-term by 79% which significantly improved their economy. Strong evidence that all publicity is beneficial, it told their violent criminals the city was unsafe for violent crime and shows that both businesses and people choose very low crime when relocating.

11. Why does it decrease high violent crime so well?

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President Obama commissioned a report from the CDC which, despite his incessant gun control rhetoric, came up with some very inconvenient truths Open Page in a new Tab eg:

"Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns [i.e. when a gun was used to defend the crime victim] found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies."

"But why should we bother?" "We have many guns here, anyone who wants to can concealed carry." "How does UGO decrease violent crime?" "UGO is just a symbolic, political statement." No, not at all, it's actually highly effective because your violent criminals fear being shot and injured! Listen to the brief 2 minute response to the skeptical Police Chief's questions here. Open Page in a new Tab
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Guns decrease violent crime because criminals are afraid of being shot by armed victims - the conclusion of the PoliceOne survey here. Crime in America has fallen dramatically as the number of guns has increased although many people have been hoodwinked into believing there's more crime than previous years. US crime is now at the lowest level in a hundred years.

The liberal media dislike reporting defensive gun uses - that most guns are used to defend you from criminals. They don't want you to know that even more guns result in even less crime! Yet the violent crime rate has dropped from 80 in 1993 to around 20 in 2013 according to the latest Pew Research survey. Open Page in a new Tab.

12. What about the political fuss?

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Many Democrats will oppose your city becoming Tougher on Criminals by encouraging responsible citizens to protect their families. But if it were true that fewer guns in law-abiding hands lower the crime rate, then America should disarm the police - it would cause less crime!

Democratic politicians understand how ridiculous this would be. They have guns and armed guards to defend them - which, given their incessant anti-gun rhetoric, many see as hypocritical:
Image courtesy www.cleveland.com/obituaries/index.ssf/2012/04/rev_michael_debose_former_stat.html
But other Democrats are more honest. Ohio Democrat Rep. Pastor Michael DeBose had twice voted against Right to Carry laws - yet got a CHL permit as soon as he was attacked by armed thugs. all Open Page in a new Tab

"I was wrong, I'm going to get a permit and so is my wife. I've changed my mind. You need a way to protect yourself and your family. "'If more people were packing guns, it might serve as a deterrent'."

Devout Democrat Justin Cronin changed his mind; while after a brutal home invasion and sexual assault, committed anti-gunners James Dittrich and Meredith Duffy realize the immense value of defensive guns and are now "proud gun owners."

The vast majority in North Carolina support unrestricted concealed carry while an ever increasing majority of US citizens now realize that a gun in the house makes you safer. There's actually little downside risk and substantial upside to discouraging violent criminals, so who nurtures the fiction that guns in law-abiding hands increase crime?

The political fuss is actually an advantage. Publicity - both negative and positive - is beneficial because it lets everyone know your citizens can protect their families and tells violent criminals that they'll get injured. Voters as well as relocating businesses appreciate security and low crime...

13. Picture your City with less Crime and Rape...

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If you're not totally convinced that becoming much Tougher on Criminals - encouraging your citizens to be able to defend their families, their loved ones and themselves - will decrease violent crime and rape for you and all your neighbors, then see how to overcome the most common objections here Open Page in a new Tab or Window.

It's simple to decrease your violent crime. Encourage your people to be trained and able to protect their families. Watch your violent crime drop dramatically because violent career criminals are frightened of being injured by armed victims - and stop their attacks. Large crime decreases will help you get re-elected!

The crucial question: Will you continue enduring violent crime well above US Average? Or will you enjoy the truly remarkable crime reductions that come by encouraging your citizens to be able to defend their families from violent criminals?
Fifty-seven innocent citizens are assaulted every day in Georgia, forty-nine in South Carolina, and well over a hundred in Texas. Together, two hundred and eighty vulnerable women and girls are raped each and every week. See how to discourage your violent criminals here - then the next violent crime victim will not be one of your citizens.

Food for Thought

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Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one Jesus (Luke 22 36)
Martin Luther King courtesy of Wikipedia
"“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people."

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (1929 - 1968). Assassinated civil rights leader and activist, African-American Baptist minister, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1964), humanitarian.

Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right to self-defense, his home was guarded by a veritable "arsenal" and he was denied a concealed-carry permit in 1956.

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/26/opinion/sunday/do-black-people-have-equal-gun-rights.html Open Page in a new Tab

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas not only agreed with the judgment in McDonald v. Chicago (2010) that the right to keep and bear arms is applicable to state and local governments, he went even further in finding that an individual's right to bear arms is a fundamental privilege of American citizenship.

His finding in McDonald draws from a long and uninterrupted line of civil rights activists who preached the virtues of armed self-defense:

The great abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass, for instance, who famously urged President Abraham Lincoln to arm the liberated slaves against their former masters, was an outspoken champion of gun rights.

Founder of the pioneering Regional Council of Negro Leadership and a longtime ally of the NAACP, Mississippi doctor T.R.M. Howard saw no reason to separate the struggle for racial equality from the case for armed self-defense.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Thomas#Second_Amendment Open Page in a new Tab

Civil Rights and your Right to Armed Self-Defense, Justice Clarence Thomas's concurring opinion in McDonald v. Chicago. Open Page in a new Tab

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