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The Right Response #5

Defensive Gun Uses stop Criminal Violence and Massacres

Despite abundant evidence to the contrary, gun control advocates and Democrats continue to insist that even more restrictions on law-abiding citizens defending themselves and their family will stop criminals murdering innocent citizens! Yet leading Democratic politicians who have ever carried or used armed guards obviously don't believe this. It's simply not true.

**UPDATE**. Surveys made many years ago by the CDC indicate nearly 2.5 million defensive gun uses (DGUs) a year - but they were never made public. That number matches the results of Gary Kleck's ostensibly controversial survey, and these hitherto unpublished 1996, 1997 and 1998 CDC surveys confirm that innocent people use guns to defend themselves from violent crime far more often than guns are used by criminals! see
Reason magazine reveals Defensive Gun Use surveyed but not published by the CDC Open Page in a new Tab

1. Most DGUs NOT recorded in official statistics

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A defensive gun use (DGU) is where you use a gun to defend yourself or your family against attack - a rapist, robber, mugger, home invader etc. - whether you actually need to fire it or not. Official statistics only count 100,000 or so DGUs in more recent non-anonymous NCVS crime surveys conducted by the Bureau of Justice.

But the vast majority of DGUs aren't recorded because the perp stops his attack once he sees his prey is armed, the gun isn't fired, no one is injured and since there's no serious crime to report, the police aren't informed.

Yet gun control advocates ignore all the empirical evidence proving that, by thwarting attacks by criminals, terrorists, spree shooters and the insane, a DGU can save your life. With a virtually complete gun ban,
the British violent crime rate is over four times America's Open Page in a new Tab; with guns in every household, Switzerland has a tiny fraction of America's violent crime Open Page in a new Tab.

Wikipedia reports 33,599 firearm-related US gun deaths per year, but gun suicides are two thirds (21,334) while drug wars and criminal shoot-outs cause many of the others. What about the higher homicide rate in America than some disarmed European countries? It's bogus - caused by the very high homicide rates in fanatical gun-control cities such as Chicago and New York. Remove all these cities’ gun deaths from the calculations and America's supposedly higher homicide rate vanishes!

2. Defensive Gun Uses in America

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Clarity that Throwing Lead rather than Books Stops a Killer
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Faced with mass murder in class, teachers are told to throw a book at the killer. We don't have to be physics majors to know:
lead would work much better!
The deceitfully low estimate of 55,000 DGUs per year (later revised to 116,000) is in the National Crime Victim Survey (NCVS), all Open Page in a new Tab, is no surprise. It stated outright that it was carried out by the Bureau of Justice and recorded respondents' names and addresses, as well as asked about crime in general rather than any direct questions about DGUs. Therefore its findings are some 97% lower than other more comprehensive studies including the 1990s CDC surveys. But they are a reasonable proxy for the number of DGUs actually reported to the police.

Gun control fanatics insist that all DGUs are reported to the police and pretend there are no others. They ignore anti-gun campaigner Marvin E. Wolfgang, who called himself "as strong a gun-control advocate as can be found among criminologists" in his seminal article - A Tribute to a View I Have Opposed - which dismissed the notion that the NCVS contradicts the much larger number of DGUs found by Kleck and Gertz.

Back in 1995, the
totally anonymous study of defensive gun usage at Florida State College of Criminology and Criminal Justice by Professors Kleck and Gertz found 2.16 million DGUs a year. With the increase in guns, anonymous modern estimates are even higher, over three million defensive uses per year. That's one person in a hundred using a gun in self-defense every year.

discredited Violence Policy Center [also here] use the wildly understated NCVS number. Anti-gun campaigners [such as smartgunlaws org] deceivingly quote this seriously flawed NCVS finding - "about 98.5% lower" - while irrationally dismissing the highest over-3-million estimate and simply ignoring the many others. Other gun control lies by vox.com are debunked here. In fact, reports Gun Control Lies, "Gun control advocates lie all the time."

3. DGUs save money - lots of money

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Bundles of money - a million dollars
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The US government study of the tangible costs of violent crime by the National Institute of Health found that violent crimes cost both citizens and society LOTS of money. The total cost for each robbery ($21,398) comprises the $13,827 Criminal Justice System Cost; the $4,272 Crime Career Cost; and the $3,299 Crime Victim Cost.

The study measured the total cost of each murder to society as $1,278,424; of each rape/sexual assault (legacy definition) as $41,247; of each robbery as $21,398; and of each aggravated assault as $19,537.

To estimate the savings of armed citizens thwarting attack by showing a gun, let's take the savings of each DGU incident as $20,000 (the lowest number rounded) and the Criminal Justice System Cost savings as $13,000. Therefore 3 million annual DGUs save the US Criminal Justice System around $40 billion with total savings to American citizens and society of $60 billion a year.

President Obama's CDC study found that "
defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals with estimates of annual uses ranging... to more than 3 million per year.” Is there really anything implausible in the idea that just 1% (one percent) of guns are used defensively each year?

4. Concealed Carry Study

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Study at Colorado Universities proves concealed carry reduces rape and violent crime
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Big drop in violent crime (and in rape) once concealed carry was encouraged at Colorado State. But the gun ban at UofCB increased violent crime!
After Colorado’s 2003 concealed carry law was enacted, the University of Colorado disarmed their students, while Colorado State University allowed them to concealed carry. Since the external factors are reasonably similar, their very different results maintained over 12 years give an eye-opening comparison of their effectiveness.

Colorado State which encouraged concealed carry enjoyed an immediate drop of 48% in violent crime (blue bars, from 30 in 2002 to 16 in 2003). But at the University of Colorado Boulder campus (brown bars), the publicity from the gun ban they claimed would increase safety increased violent crime by 10% instead.

The publicity at Colorado State achieved such a dramatic drop in rape and violent crime because it warned their violent criminals that their prey could be armed. If you're a violent criminal then knowing your prey may have a gun will make you think twice. Your fear of being injured discourages you from attack...

Four years later, the violent crime rate at the gun-free University of Colorado had risen by 21% and rape was up by 24%, while the guns at Colorado State had slashed violent crime by 87% and rape was down by a massive 88%. (
results normalized Open Page in a new Tab or Window per 100,000 students.)

Twelve years later, Colorado State with concealed carry had 9 violent crimes in 2014, down from 30 in 2002. They saw a similar drop in rape. These two universities' very different results demonstrate the immense value of defensive guns in protecting your family, your women and your children from violent criminals.
Get your copy of the study here. And if you carry a gun, you may be interested in the US Concealed Carry Association. No, we have no stake in the organization, but it does seem worthwhile checking them out...

5. Guns in Kennesaw Deter Violent Crime

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Violent crime in Kennesaw is a quarter of US National Average
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Kennesaw in Georgia encouraged their responsible citizens to be able to defend their families from violent criminals in 1982, and violent crime immediately plummeted by 74 percent. It also slashed property crime. Kennesaw's violent crime rate has been around a quarter of the US National Average for years, all their violent criminals feared being shot and injured and left town!

Violent crime dramatically increased when guns were banned in UK. Australia experienced a 40% increase in assault and a 20% increase in sexual assault following their stricter gun laws. Although gun control advocates pretend that violent crime is caused rather than decreased by guns, violent crime has decreased across America. As gun ownership increased, US violent crime has decreased.

Kennesaw's encouragement of their responsible citizens to be able to defend their families were extended across America, there'd be a million less violent crimes each year. Wider gun ownership makes criminals more cautious about their own safety, discouraged violent criminals fear being shot and injured...

6. The Hatchet Job on Kennesaw's Violent Crime Results

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Kennesaw's amazing drop in violent crime to a quarter of National Average has continued for more than thirty years. Yet in the gun controllers bible, authors Englander and Snell do their best to belittle Kennesaw's very impressive reduction in violent crime, see their lies, deception and untruths here. Open Page in a new Tab

The "thoroughly updated" second edition of the supposedly unbiased "Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia" was published in 2012 while the first came out in 2002. But Englander and Snell continue using obsolete 1985 data on Kennesaw's crime rate rather than later data showing even less violent crime.

There are a dozen or more ways in which their seemingly unbiased report is actually a well-written but mendacious, highly misleading hatchet job. They ignore wide-spread findings that
criminals avoid houses when they know the occupants are armed Open Page in a new Tab to deceitfully conclude it's "difficult to gauge the long-term consequences of enforced gun ownership." Five pinocchios.

7. The Government's misleading low number of Defensive Gun Uses

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Nothing inside worth dying for
A New York Times article on defensive gun use by Juliet Lapidos slams "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" as "catchy." Since it was the NRA who report the professional criminologists' survey results, she demeaningly dismisses the couple of million DGUs a year it found as "bogus."

Lapidos professes the Violence Policy Center number is accurate, ignores the CDC 1990s surveys and pretends that DGUs are actually quite rare. But the VPC just uses
the NCVS survey number which didn't count DGUs not reported to the police. The full report on the seriously flawed BOJ survey is here. Open Page in a new Tab

The National Crime Victim Survey (NCVS) was designed to study crime, not defensive gun usage. It's a good estimate of those recorded by the police but
misses DGUs in which threats and violent attacks were thwarted by showing a gun. But gun control advocates simply ignore this inconvenient truth and pretend that the NCVS counts ALL DGUs.

8. Guns Deter Pirates as well as Criminals

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Gun Free Zones at Colleges exacerbate Massacres
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Seven out of seven pirates prefer unarmed victims
The number of ship hijackings off the East coast of Africa has decreased in recent years. Why? Common sense has overcome the illogical aversion to defensive gun use, and many ships now carry armed guards.

As a result, piracy off the Somalia coast has dropped dramatically, from 49 in 2010, to 31 in 2011, and just a handful in 2012. "Pirates have never successfully hijacked a ship that had armed guards." says
the Expensive, Diminishing Threat of Somali Piracy report.

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Food for Thought

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"Over the last fifty years, with only one single exception [the assassination attempt on former US Representative Gabby Giffords], every single mass shooting event with more than four casualties has taken place in a place where guns were supposedly not allowed."

- Larry Correia, Utah Concealed Weapons instructor, military and law enforcement master trainer,
expert witness for the Utah State Legislature, elite firearms expert.

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