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The Right Response #10

To Choose the Most Effective Policy you need a Choice
So the 10th Guarantees Each State can Choose Their Own...

Management science is clear, prescriptive solutions do not work. But why not? A solution imposed from outside stops you implementing your own unique strategy created and tailored to your particular situation. Since everyone and every circumstance is unique, how can one size ever fit everybody?
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Suppliers competing for your business give better results than monopolies. Anyone suggesting they know the one best solution for a country the size of a continent with a quarter of a billion people and the world's largest GDP makes absolutely no sense (often written as one single word: nonsense).

How can imposing one single federal policy allow for the best solution to become evident? When each state has the freedom to choose their own strategy, they get different results. Effectiveness become evident and, tailored to each one's individual circumstances, the best can be imitated.

1. The Value of Competition

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Governments have some similarities to businesses, when a company has a monopoly, they try to get away with monopoly over-charging and lack of service. Without competition, there are no legal alternatives, so there's no way to measure customer satisfaction and find the strategy producing the most effective results.

Texas has been gaining both wealthy people along with their income from California because people vote with their feet. With genuine competition, better results can be seen, and superior policies become obvious. The same is true for any issue - including reducing mass shootings!

2. The Tenth Amendment

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The Founding Fathers were wise. They had the foresight to see that different policies followed in each of the Several States would allow comparison and highlight the best results. They understood that one size does NOT fit all, and had the wisdom to entrench competition in the Constitution.

That's why US citizens enjoy the protection of the Tenth Amendment. The Constitution was deliberately written with very limited powers granted to the Federal Government. The 10th Amendment reads:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

As a review of the 10th Amendment shows very clearly, each state enjoys constitutional protection from federal interference in almost all areas, the commerce clause and its egregious expansion into private agriculture notwithstanding. And the 2nd Amendment reinforces the protection against any federal attempts to institute any controls on guns owned by citizens, see the previous article.

3. Which do you Choose? Eloquent? Handsome? Or Successful?

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If you had a serious heart problem, how would you choose the surgeon for your operation? Do you choose the most handsome while ignore his substantial failure rate? The best one at convincing you that unsuccessful strategies and ideas actually work? Or, no matter how ugly or unprepossessing, would you choose the doctor proven to have the best success rate?

The most successful gun control policies will therefore be found by encouraging each state to choose and implement their own policies. This means the most successful federal policy is hands-off, to recognize the Founding Fathers' wisdom in the Tenth Amendment.

Aside. If you would like to improve your finances - or even become wealthy - then support candidates with proven wealth-creating experience in private business, those who have created their own wealth without relying on government largesse, handouts, pork, or favors. Don't support ivory-tower candidates or government employees, vote only for people who have become wealthy under their own steam.

4. Gun Control at the State Level?

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"I'd welcome a different state trying to address their particular problems. Certainly Montana faces different issues than New York does. I don't think there's a one size fits all solution for the entire country."

Responsible states such as Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, and Wyoming are proposing to relax gun laws for responsible citizens. Yet others such as New York and California are implementing even more stringent controls.

This is excellent. Different policies by different states make their different effectiveness very visible. Devout believers in a unpopular strategy can vote with their feet and move to a state with policies in line with their conscience. After a while, the most successful policies to protect our children will become very obvious.

5. Didn't they Swear to Uphold the Constitution?

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But I must be very confused. What do the words "I will ... preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" mean? Didn't President Obama and members of Congress all take the Constitutional oath?

So why the continual attempts to eliminate constitutional protection against repressive government? Why the ongoing efforts to increase Federal power and undermine the 10th Amendment? What about Senator Feinstein's attempt to eliminate your right to defend yourself and your family Open Page in a new Tab in direct contradiction to the 2nd?

6. The 14th Amendment Specifies Loyalty to America

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The Constitution of the United States
Section 3 of the 14th Amendment specifies loyalty to America and the Constitution. It disbars anyone who has sworn to support the Constitution and yet engages in rebellion against it. Which suggests that Senator Dianne Feinstein's gun control bill in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment renders her unfit to hold office.

More knowledgeable minds interpret such actions as impeachable. One commentator volubly insists that you don't impeach US Senators, which may be true - usually. But shouldn't Senators be impeached when they egregiously and continually violate their oath and seek to undermine the Constitution?

The fanaticism of the powerful ruling classes to ignore the constitution and institute federal gun-control mandates suggests there must be another reason. What do the oligarchy know about controlling the population that they are not sharing with the American people?

Perhaps they profoundly realize, as Lead Protection Agent and US Senate candidate Dan Bongino says: There's no such thing as gun control, only people control.

Food for Thought

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"Politicians are masters of the art of deception."

- Martin L. Gross, brilliant social scientist, author of over a dozen books, including the bestseller: The Government Racket: Washington Waste from A to Z. His 1995 bestseller The Tax Racket exposed some of the frightening excesses of the IRS and called for its elimination.

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