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The Right Response #4

The Mistaken Beliefs of Gun Control Advocates

1. Gun-free Zones Ensure Nobody has Guns

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President Obama and other Democrats say they believe more stringent gun laws will stop criminals obtaining guns. Although gun laws do make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to own guns, they do nothing to improve your safety - Criminals don't get or use guns legally.

The most glaring mistake of gun control advocates? They believe that Gun-free Zones ensure Nobody has a Gun.

Not so! Gun-free zones do ensure no one has a defensive gun legally, but criminals and the mentally ill have illegal ones! It's therefore only half-true - and misses the point entirely.

All massacres of four or more students have taken place in what were supposed to be gun-free zones. How come? Because responsible people didn't have guns to stop the spree shooter. Criminals don't obey gun bans, nor do the mentally disturbed.

2. Knowledgeable Experts Know Better than You!

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There are experts in every field. But for every expert, there's another with an opposing view. Then there's pretenders who think they know yet have no experience. You need wisdom - the skill to determine which experts make sense, and who to ignore.

But who's an experienced firearms expert? President Obama, who says he shoots skeet guns "all the time?" Gun control advocates like Piers Morgan, who'd never fired a gun until recently? Or Larry Correia, Utah Concealed Weapons instructor, military and law enforcement master trainer, Title 7 SOT gun store owner, competition shooter, and expert witness for the Utah State Legislature.

Naive belief in the opinions of others is well... naive. Gullible! You need to explore the evidence and make up your own mind. To overcome the bias in your government education and examine the facts for yourself.

No matter how compelling the evidence is, many so-called experts will only agree when it supports their existing beliefs, they don't like admitting they might be wrong. Since the self-sabotage mechanism rejects all change, it takes honesty and awareness to admit to making mistakes. As Dr. David Hawkins, author of Truth vs Falsehood, explains:

'The narcissistic core of the ego is aligned with being RIGHT whether being right means being in agreement with wisdom or rejecting it as invalid.'

3. Teachers can't be Trusted with Guns

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The Gun Free School Zones Act, introduced by Democrat Joe Biden and signed by Republican President Bush in 1990, ensures teachers are defenseless. So the slaughter continues...

Gun control advocates fear that if teachers had firearms, one could start a mad shooting spree. Yet isn't this belief just as valid for police, the military and politicians' security guards who already have guns.

You trust the police with guns to protect your children, are the police in today's police state so much more trust-worthy than teachers? If you trust school-teachers to educate your children, why not also trust them to protect your children? Asking this question gives you the answer - along with the solution.

Ensuring sane and responsible teachers are not armed when a mentally disturbed person starts shooting just stops them protecting themselves - as well as protecting YOUR children. Only a gun in responsible hands stops a spree shooter, so train and arm responsible teachers like the police.

4. Gun Bans Stop Criminals obtaining Guns

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Is any law 100% effective? Yet gun control advocates seem to believe that yet more gun bans will eliminate the guns in the hands of criminals and the insane.

Yes indeed, more laws to tighten access to firearms will make it more difficult to obtain guns legally. But only for law-abiding citizens. There are so many firearms in the world that such restrictions would be nothing more than a minor deterrence to criminals who neither obtain guns legally nor obey the law.

Since all guns laws contravene the Second Amendment - which "shall not be infringed" - all law-abiding citizens are forced to decide which to follow. Responsible citizens will obey the Constitution and ignore gun bans and controls, encouraging yet more disrespect for politicians and their unconstitutional laws.

5. Does Anyone Know the "One Best Answer?"

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Obviously not, does the one best answer even exist? The best way to determine a better answer is to see how well current strategies work. Even then, that answer can only be best among those already tried. How can anyone know all the consequences of an untried policy?

To ensure different strategies would be tried, the Founding Fathers mandated everything not specifically allocated to the Federal government be reserved to the Several States. Without practical experience of any policy, how can you determine its effectiveness? It takes time for unseen consequences to become evident.

So gun control advocates who insist they know the one best answer may be telling the truth - but to a very different question. One about money and power! You need to explore how their recommended policy will benefit them. Will it affect their finances? Their control? Does their answer increase their power?

All this means the freedom to implement different strategies is crucial. When each state adopts its own policies, you can compare results. You can check how well they work and find the best one tried so far.

6. Wise Politicians Know Better than You

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Economics Nobel Prize medal for Public Choice
Absolutely untrue! The 1986 Nobel Prize was awarded to the late Dr. James Buchanan Open Page in a new Tab for Public Choice analysis, which showed that politicians and bureaucrats all behave no less selfishly than regular citizens.

Rather than changing overnight to become selfless guardians of the public interest, Professor Buchanan received his Economics Nobel prize for Public Choice Open Page in a new Tab. He proved that politicians and government employees all continue their self-serving behavior when they're elected or appointed.

Politicians all fight tenaciously to be re-elected. Why? What other reason can they have but to keep pursuing their own best interests? Since they use their power to benefit themselves, the power they enjoy needs to be drastically curtailed. The US Constitution is an initial but flawed attempt to limit their power. Switzerland's Constitution is a vastly improved version Open Page in a new Tab.

When someone continues to hold an illogical belief, you need to ask yourself: How do they benefit? Where is the money? Have they been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for no obvious reason? Open Page in a new Tab Was their support purchased by its million dollar prize?

7. Why do They Want to Stop You Protecting Yourself?

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There are many reasons why people don't understand the immense benefits of choice, and your desire for freedom guaranteed by owning defensive firearms. Gun control advocates seem to believe you don't have a right to protect yourself. But why?
a. They think that responsible people cannot be trusted with guns. Yet they've also been taught to believe ALL government agents with firearms such as SWAT teams, the BATF, police, and Homeland Security are automatically responsible and trust-worthy. There's an enormous disconnect in their thinking here.

Although gun control advocates are just regular citizens, they don't believe other people are responsible. Which makes you wonder: How responsible are they themselves? Yet most people are responsible and just want firearms for their own protection. There's a good word for untrustworthy people: criminals.

b. They're emotionally reacting to the loss of a loved one. They mistakenly believe guns kill people more often than defend you against attack. See: Would a Gun in Your Hands Kill or Protect You?

c. Gun control advocates believe they know better than you, see the previous section on the one-best answer. They're arrogantly sure they know how you should handle your own circumstances. But does one size fit all?

d. They don't realize how often guns are used defensively. The Federal NCVS study finds defensive gun uses are reported around a hundred thousand times a year Open Page in a new Tab. Yet the vast majority of DGUs are NOT reported because the perp stops his attack once he sees his prey is armed, the gun isn't fired, no one is injured and since there's no serious crime to report, the police aren't informed. Other studies find millions of defensive gun uses annually, see here Open Page in a new Tab and here Open Page in a new Tab.

8. More Reasons to Stop You Defending Yourself

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e. Gun control advocates believe their opinions are automatically right, simply because it's what they think. Just like dictators, they assume they're always right, see being right. But everyone has made mistakes, we've all had thoughts which proved wrong later. So everybody already has proof their thoughts are not always right.

f. They know how to agree or disagree, but gun control advocates don't know how to think. They mistakenly believe that acceptance or rejection is thinking objectively. But choosing who to believe is choosing - NOT rational thinking!

g. Gun control advocates such as Britain Piers Morgan confuse believing with thinking. He attempted career suicide with his vulgar emotional attacks demonstrating he doesn't know how to think for himself.

It's obvious when someone has thought critically, they discuss the issue rationally. When they're unwilling to look at the evidence, yet can't defend their opinion intelligently, they get emotional. Getting upset, along with insults and ignoring the facts, simply demonstrate their failure to think.

h. Infamous Nazi (National Socialist) dictator Adolf Hitler disarmed his Jewish citizens to eliminate any armed resistance. Mind you, he's not the only dictator who's disarmed the population, they all do. Gun bans and restrictions demonstrate that ruling politicians do not have your welfare at heart.

i. Or there's some other reason. Since there's abundant evidence to prove that disarming citizens does NOT protect them, do gun control advocates have another reason? Is their goal gun control - or is it people control? Nazi mass-murderer Hitler explains in: "Hitler's Table Talk, 1941-1944: Secret Conversations"

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms ...
All conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing."

Food for Thought

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"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."

- Adolph Hitler, 1889-1945, the Nazi German dictator who murdered millions and initiated World War II. Nazi is the abbreviation for the German National SOCIALIST Workers' Party (Der NAtional soZIalistische deutsche arbeiter partei)

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