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The Right Response #13

The More Laws the Police are given to Enforce -
the Less they can Protect You and Your Family

1. Incarceration

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The USA incarcerates more citizens - imprisons more per head of population - than any other country in the world. So many in jail demonstrate the enormous numbers of laws which make criminals out of its citizens. These laws hamper police from carrying out their core responsibility of protecting you and your family.

They also teach people not to obey the law. If a majority of the population are routinely breaking a law, is it the fault of the population, or rather a problem with the bad law itself? This image is courtesy of a wonderful article at The Economist: Too many laws, too many prisoners

No matter what big government enthusiasts pretend, the evidence is clear. Governments have passed so many laws and regulations that in trying to do too much they've made it very difficult to do anything even reasonably well. Then who suffers? The long-suffering citizen - you.

2. Core Responsibilities

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This highlights a crucial strategy to decrease the incidence of mass shootings. Stop giving the police more and yet more laws to enforce. It would make far more sense to eliminate the enormous yet still growing number of ineffective laws and unnecessary regulations on the books.

Stop criminalizing minor transgressions. Reinstate the trusted common-law requirement that the defendant must have a mens rea (latin: guilty mind, he/she must or should know that he is doing wrong.) This would enable the police to put more effort into their core responsibilities of protecting citizens and their property.

3. Too Many Laws

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In 1913, the US federal tax laws covered just 400 pages. In 2011 it's up to 72,536 pages, an increase of 20,000% (sic) - that's not a typo, that's indeed twenty thousand percent!

The number of other laws shows a similar increase, as do the enormous number of mind-numbing regulations passed by unelected bureaucrats trying to interpret and implement the new laws passed.

How can anyone, no matter how well-meaning, observe such an avalanche of new laws? It's been estimated there aren't enough hours in the year for even speed-readers to read, let alone digest, the flood of new laws and regulations passed annually...

Yet control-freak politicians continue to pass new laws and bureaucrats pass new regulations at breakneck speed. ObamaCare has been estimated to involve thousands of new bureaucrats, many of which work for the IRS - the agency charged with ensuring you comply with this law. Check out these staggering numbers.
  • Americans spend 8.8 billion hours every year filling out government forms.
  • The economy-wide cost of regulation is now $1.75 trillion.
  • For every bureaucrat at a regulatory agency, 100 jobs are destroyed in the economy's productive sector.
  • Increased regulatory burdens since 1949 have reduced living standards by more than 70 percent.

4. Why Teach Citizens to Disrespect the Law?

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Every big business knows the dangers of spreading its efforts too widely. Governments and politicians need to learn the same lesson. Remove all laws that inflict dogmatic ideas, no matter how widespread, on the whole population. Such attempts to enforce individual opinions are often widely ignored.

One person's beliefs about morals or right behavior, no matter how deeply held, are not necessarily right for another, one size does not fit all. All laws reduce your freedom of action in one way or another. Too often, the unwanted consequence is to teach people to disrespect as well as disobey the law.

5. Hong Kong's Economic Vibrancy

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Hong Kong, now part of Communist China, has a tax code of just some 200 pages. Such restraint has helped create a far healthier economy along with far higher economic growth than the USA. Their lessons on encouraging economic growth has had many benefits for China. Latest figures highlight the human benefits: among the world's poor fifty years ago, residents of Hong Kong now enjoy the world's longest life expectancy.

Is there any doubt that the freedom to live and improve your life as you choose is related to the freedom from dogmatic laws passed by well-meaning but repressive politicians and governments?

6. Stop Encouraging Civil Disobedience by Law-abiding Citizens

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There are so many laws and regulations now on the books that Alex Kozinski, a US appeals-court judge, has written a provocative essay with the title You're (probably) a federal criminal. Law professor Michelle Alexander published an article saying I'm a criminal and so are you. The Economist has entitled one: Rough Justice in America. Innocent people have been jailed for breaking regulations they've never heard of! See:


Whenever people see bad laws and unfair regulations, the natural incentive is to ignore them. The inevitable consequence is that oppressive laws teach otherwise law-abiding citizens to break the law. Experts realize that unreasonable laws can therefore encourage corruption among politicians, bureaucrats, and police.

Instead of ignoring the search warrant affidavit for the bomb making perpetrator, the police would then be able to focus on protecting you and your children from massacres like Columbine and Sandy Hook. All such distractions mean that police are less able to attend to their core responsibility: ensuring the safety of citizens and their property.

Food for Thought

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"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

- Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004, 40th President of the United States

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