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The Right to Protect Yourself #2

Why Take the Risk of Believing Your Politicians?

169 Million Murdered by Government Politicians
The citizens of the USA - and of every country - need the Second Amendment's rights to protect themselves from rape and pillage by both government agents and common criminals.

But which one do you need the right to protect yourself from more? Which one can inflict the most damage on your and your family? Lone individuals? An out-of-control lethal government? Or a smooth-talking politician who tells you what you want to hear?

Governments have murdered some 169 million people in the twentieth century, yet mass murder by lethal government has been largely ignored by political scientists and politicians. The late distinguished social scientist Professor Rummel defines the concept of DEMOCIDE as the intentional killing of its citizens by a government of unarmed people. Of course, the people must be disarmed first ...

Why would you be willing to take the enormous risk of believing a politician who wants even more power? Remember that Nazi Socialist dictator Adolf Hitler (Nazi from NAtional soZIalismus) was elected and re-elected by gullible German citizens who ignored his behavior and believed his misleading spin.

1. Your Constitutional Right to Protect Yourself

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The American Constitution guarantees guns to everybody - "the right to bear arms shall not be infringed." Why? Because the USA had just fought the war of independence against the oppressive dictatorial government of King George the Third of England (full disclosure: my country of birth).

The US Founding Fathers knew the secret of success: An armed population can defend themselves against dictators, dictatorial governments and criminals, both foreign and homegrown. That's why the right to bear arms is in the Constitution, where it's not for repeal without a Constitutional Amendment. This is not just an historic quirk, it's what enabled Americans to gain their freedom from British oppression.

The British legally ruled over their American colony, so the people revolted against their legal government's excessive taxes. People the world over need the same clarity and freedom. Everybody needs to be able to disagree and protect themselves against dictatorship, whether by their own government or another.

2. Does Disarming Law-Abiding Citizens Ensure their Safety?

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Lack of clarity about the results of disarming the population, obviously, enables dictatorship to flourish. Just ask the experts: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and others all disarmed their people. Yes, gun control works!

How many Germans, Poles, and other Europeans did the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler murder once he had first disarmed the population. National Socialist (Nazi) goons disrupted peaceful political gatherings, and help create an oppressive government with virtually infinite powers. Then Hitler invaded most of Europe and murdered millions of people, not just Jews and Romanies.

Yet the death toll could have been even higher. Historians say that the automatic guns above every Swiss fireplace deterred Hitler from invading heavily armed Switzerland, one of the safest and most prosperous countries in the world. Most Swiss voters understand this, they declined to self sabotage by rejecting the latest gun control attempt in 2011.

3. Is the Right to Protect Yourself Obsolete?

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But isn't the right to protect yourself obsolete? Is it still needed today? The answer depends which problem you are trying to resolve. Your life will change when you realize that, although politicians and the government will pretend otherwise, your problem is not necessarily the same one they are trying to address!

All citizens need the Second Amendment to protect themselves against out-of-control governments. Especially Americans! Why?

The 1993 Waco massacre of the Branch Davidians by the US government shows the crucial importance of the right of US citizens to be able to defend themselves. Yet small arms and rifles could not save this unfortunate religious sect from the government's tanks, helicopters and CS gas used to exterminate their innocent women and children. (The United States first signed the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1969, which banned a number of chemical agents, including CS gas. The use of CS in war is considered a war crime.)

Six years after the government was adjudged completely blameless, even the official Waco government story found the FBI and Attorney General Janet Reno to have given false testimony about using incendiary tear gas cartridges according to the Washington Post. Not surprisingly, the Branch Davidians have a rather different version of what actually happened.

Food for Thought

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"For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security ... Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

- Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President of the United States

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda [misinformation, spin], people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."

"Means don't matter; what matters is the end ... You lie, but if you succeed, it will become truth ... success, retroactively, makes everything right."

- Adolf Hitler, notorious Nazi Germany criminal dictator who confiscated guns and slaughtered millions. The Nazi party's full name is NAtional soZIalistische deutsche arbeiter partei - which literally translates from German as the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Socialist? Workers? Like the socialist wing of the Democrats, Nazis are extreme left-wing, NOT right-wing.

Dr. R.J. Rummel (1932-2014) was Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii. He has published twenty-four nonfiction books (one that received an award for being among the most referenced), six novels, and about 100 peer-reviewed professional articles. He received the Susan Strange Award of the International Studies Association in 1999 for having intellectually most challenged the field; and awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Conflict Processes Section, American Political Science Association in 2003. He was often nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. See:


Details of how the American Government admit they lied about the Waco massacre can be found at:


The Branch Davidians version of the Waco massacre is at:


The Gun Control Works image is at:


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