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The phony NationMaster comparison

1. Nationmaster do NOT compare violent crime

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The Nationmaster page deceptively ONLY compares homicides/murders - rather than all violent crime although the title on the page says it compares "Violent crime Stats" The url name itself is “…/compare/United-Kingdom/United-States/Crime/Violent-crime”. But to compare violent crime, they should compare violent crime numbers rather than just homicides and murder.

An accurate comparison needs them to take violent crime numbers directly from both official UK and USA crime reports rather than estimates from Wikipedia and United Nation agencies.

The DiscourageCriminals report compares the latest full year 2017 violent crime numbers from their original sources: the USA FBI and British Office of National Statistics. Nationmaster cite obsolete 2012 and 2010 homicide numbers/estimates and didn't even get them from official UK or USA sources.

2. They confuse the definitions of murder rate and murder

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The Nationmaster violent crime comparison does start by accurately define murder rate as "Intentional homicide, number and rate per 100,000 population."

But they are confused about murder rate.. A murder rate per million people is NOT, as they falsely say the number "per 100,000 population", it's the number per MILLION - 1,000,000 - population!

They then demonstrate their total misunderstanding by confounding the definitions of "murder" and "murder rate". They falsely define Murder as "Intentional homicide, number and rate per 100,000 population." But the rate per 100,000 people is NOT part of the definition of murder. As they have already said, this is actually the definition of Murder NOT Murder rate.

3. Their sources warn that they're of "BAD QUALITY"

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Nationmaster source some of their numbers from Wikipedia's List of countries by intentional homicide rate by decade

Yet this page contains the explicit caveat that it does NOT meet "Wikipedia's quality standards":
"References are of bad quality. E.g. no titles, authors, date, etc. UNODC is referenced by many separate cites. Style is inconsistent."

4. UK Police warn Violent Crime is significantly under-recorded

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"Caution should be taken when interpreting police recorded crime trends ... violent crime [is] significantly under-recorded"
The UK police in the Office of National Statistics violent crime report warn that their violent crime numbers are "significantly under-recorded" yet ONS places this caveat considerably down the page (you'll need to search the page text to find this inconspicuously placed warning):

This commentator's experience shows the appalling truth of this observation:
"When I was mugged in public, I reported it to York police (sat 200 meters away in their Police vehicle in the city center) who threatened to arrest me if I made a report"

5. Their US crime numbers do NOT come from the FBI

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But the official US crime numbers from the FBI do NOT contain the intentional homicide rate used in the first Nationmaster line. It appears that the US crime number is only an estimate from either Wikipedia or somewhere within the UN bureaucracy.

But why would a reputable organization such as Nationmaster use an crime estimate rather than genuine numbers from the official US Crime reporting agency, the FBI?

6. US murder numbers are biased against self-defense

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Even the number of murders highlighted in this Nationmaster report are biased against your right to defend yourself from a violent criminal. If you discard the high number of murders of defenseless citizens in gun-free Democrat-controlled American cities with draconian gun-control policies, then America's high number of murders per capita decreases very significantly.

With stringent laws against self-defense enforced by US Democrats and in the totally disarmed UK, no wonder the UK are now experiencing so many knife murders.

7. Conclusion

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The FBI violent crime total includes rape, robbery and assault as well as murder (less than 2% of the total.) Since Nationmaster only compare numbers of murders rather than ALL violent crimes, their comparison does nothing to contradict the crucial finding: England and Wales now have over six times more VIOLENT CRIME than the USA.

Some commentators allege that UK crime numbers include even minor offenses such as pushing, which sounds unlikely since the UK police refused to record a genuine crime and instead threatened to arrest the victim if he made a report (see image and previous section).

But fortunately the UK violent crime reports are split into with and without injury. Even comparing the British with injury number with the US total of both with AND without injury, Britain still has THREE times more violent crime with injury than America's with and without injury total.

Food for Thought

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"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but NOT his own facts."

- Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1927-2003, ambassador, presidential adviser, renown for his scholarly intellect

"The goal of socialism IS communism.”
- Vladimir Lenin, Communist political theorist. Head of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union

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